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Nursing Week Highlight: The TopCare Difference

Making Workflow Easier for Nurses and Care Teams: The TopCare Difference

The designers of TopCare™ worked hard to create a workflow that was easier for doctors, nurses and care teams since before the term “population health management” was coined. In 2011, a peer-reviewed article, “Lessons from Implementing a Combined Workflow–Informatics System for Diabetes Management” was published in Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA), highlighting the ways TopCare can and will save care team members time and allow health care practitioners, nurses and support staff to work more efficiently.

“The study shows that the RPM technology optimized the workflow of the team, allowing the systematized identification of, intervention upon, and tracking of patients. This meant the clinical staff could truly practice at the top of their licenses,” said SRG Technology’s (SRGT) VP of Professional Services Tanya Zucconi. “In the old state order, nurses conducted manual chart reviews to determine if a patient needed outreach so new lab work could be done; in the new state order, this logic is built into the technology, so TopCare enhances the work of the nurses, which can be patient-focused, not technology or paperwork-focused.”

The study demonstrates efficiency optimized. A comparison of the “before” and “after” activity diagrams show the steps in the team’s work and makes the improvements made in workflow abundantly clear.

Current Activity Diagram

Activity Diagram with Population Management

“This study raised questions about the need for physicians to be involved in the management of every clinical case,” said SRGT’s Chief of Medical Informatics and one of the authors of the article, Dr. Adrian Zai. “In order to provide the best care to the most patients, every member of the team has to have their workflow optimized, nurses and physicians included.”

“When we value our medical community and patients, doesn’t it make sense to ensure that everyone receives the best care and works to the best of their ability?” asked Zucconi. “The best way to honor those in the medical profession, especially nurses, is to implement a system that allows them to do what they do best—care for patients.”

To read the article, click here.

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