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Maritime Risk Management

BlenderRM is a situational risk management and decision support solution SRGT built for the maritime industry that addresses the problem vessels at sea have in getting current information that is relevant to them based on their geospatial location.


BlenderRM is a SaaS solution, designed to access, aggregate, and organize relevant maritime information, including risk and threat data, and then deliver that information to vessels at sea based on their geospatial location. This information is also able to be sent to a vessels owner and fleet management to help support better vessel management and operating decisions and outcomes.



  • A proactive situational awareness and risk management solution

  • Employs geo-positional technology to organize and deliver relevant risk data  to vessels specific to their location

  • Provides real time threat alerts and updates to help vessels and fleets minimize risk and reduce operational expense

  • Aligns and links risk information with response protocols and requirements

  • Supports customized configurations

  • Secure communications & privacy


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