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ARVIND Customer Engagement

Personalized customer engagement

for the recovery and reinvention of global travel 

The Power of Watson & Blender - Arvind is positioned to Accelerate Recovery and Help people to adjust to a new positive norm by keeping customers engaged, informed and connected to the right information at the right time. 


While Touchless Travel may currently be associated with Covid-19, it has in fact been evolving form many years now. At one time, printed airline tickets and travel vouchers and documents were the norm, technology has been slowly replacing these once common items. Covid-19 is just accelerating the evolution that has been taking place and has given rise to a need for an even more seamless travel experience and more comprehensive data and information flow. IBM and SRG Technology are set to fill the “new norm” in travel and cross border processing with their combined solution.


Blender offers a personalized engagement platform to more effectively serve the customer by building stronger relationships, igniting action and fueling continuous improvement


  • Uses technology to engage with customers to help them address and then self-service their travel disruption concerns, needs and challenges

  • Targeting of the right customer, with the right action, at the right time

  • Reduces a travel company’s added resources and costs associated with travel disruptions

  • A flexible and modular technology framework

  • Integrates existing and 3rd party tools and applications

Watson Virtual Assistant communicates with customers on demand to answer questions and provide support services in normal times and in times of disruption. 

  • In times of travel disruptions and disruptive events like Covid-19, Watson Virtual Assistant can contact customers to help them make travel changes, answer questions, and provide important crisis information.

  • Benefiting customers with timely service and support and benefiting company’s by being able to handle the increased call volumes from a disruption that would normally fall to a company’s call center and service staff.

  • In normal times Watson Virtual Assistant can respond to customer questions and assist customers during their travel with important information relevant to the customers travel.

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