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Maternal and early childhood

health and education solution


A new online interactive Virtual Home Visiting System for the Iowa Department of Health (IDPH) to solve the need to extend and expand the reach of its maternal health and family care home visitation services. IDPH partnered with Quality Assist, Inc. of Atlanta to provide the content for the site and SRG Technology of Fort Lauderdale to provide the platform and tools for the web service and online community.


Parentivity - designed to provide the right information, pointing parents in the right direction, at the right time, all while gathering the right data.


It serves as a “virtual mentor” and provides parents with a rich library of resources including access to experts and to parents with similar concerns. It also offers user-friendly tools to identify needs, set personal goals, and provides personalized recommendations and actions plans. Targeted content can ensure that topics such as poor infant sleep practices, drowning or the dangers of children being left in a hot car are covered, with the goal of reducing child mortality and build a healthier community. This is the community where parents will feel comfortable asking questions, where they will learn and where they will want to share new insights and perspectives.

Parentivity includes: 

  • An Early warning system

  • Vetted expert information 

  • Targeted resource allocation 

  • Personalized dashboard 

  • Interactive pulse checks, surveys, etc. 


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