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Limitless learning, more possibilities

The new skills and training platform for anyone who wants to upgrade their work and job opportunity skills

A fully packed LMS for everyone who wants to create online courses, lesson plans, collaboration, personalized learning, and gain analytical insights into educational needs. Blender Exchange is designed for today's ever-changing landscape for education.


Higher Education

Everything you need to help you on your education journey with recommendations and analytics


Individual Instructors

Deliver skills and knowledge online to thousands of students and create a productive learning environment


Online Platform

Everything you need to help you on your education journey with recommendations and analytics


Over 100,000 High-Quality Content

and Resources

Join our growing community of content creators, educators and school districts across the country. We start with the endorsement and participation of some key US School Districts.  And the possibilities are endless.

Download Content

Browse our vast library of lesson plans, videos, documents, and educational resources.

Content Publisher

Become a partner of our content publisher network and get paid for adding your educational resources.

Fresh Updates

Content is updated regularly to stay up to date with the ever-changing educational landscape.

Why Blender.png

Why Blender Exchange

Blender Exchange was founded to create a large and rich library of FREE K-12 Next/best-practice lesson plans and resources and to promote sharing and collaboration among Districts.

Course Catalog

Streamline catalog production by creating and managing catalog content within our CMS and then publishing it to multiple channels – your workspaces, communities. Blender Exchange CMS can output catalog content to print-based systems such as PDF's.


A set of modules for creating student and faculty engagement, a secure membership database for managing passwords, accounts, and permissions, and moderation tools for managing your community. Modules include blogs, forums, groups, social networking, documents, and other solutions.

Professional Development

A complete suite of tools and access to high-quality courses and content developed for training and to advance your career and professional development.

Video Conferencing

Connect with students, parents, teachers and communities from anywhere with a hybrid approach for in-class and virtual classes.

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