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SRGT’s BlenderConnect for Travel Aids in Destination Disaster Recovery

Engagement software assists in recovery efforts.  

SRG Technology (SRGT) and partner NorthStar Consulting announced that their engagement software, BlenderConnect™ for Travel, can be utilized as part of a disaster recovery system. Especially poignant in light of recent natural disasters, the cloud-based system’s engagement and communications features create a bridge between destinations and visitors and the status of a destination and its recovery process. Also serving as an integral part of ensuring the proper collection of Immigration information, even if computer systems are off-line.

The core capabilities of BlenderConnect engage visitors and consumers by personalizing information they receive based on their interests. These features eliminate users being bombarded with information that is of no value to them, which becomes even more important when a natural disaster occurs. Not only can BlenderConnect be used to give targeted information to travelers about their vacation plans, but it can be used as a public information system to disseminate crucial, and often lifesaving, emergency information.

“The recent series of devastating hurricanes made us recognize the significant added benefit and value of BlenderConnect in a disaster situation,” said Mike Stone, SRGT’s VP of Strategic Partnerships and New Markets. “BlenderConnect can proactively manage and deliver disaster relief, recovery and rebuilding communications to customers and the broader marketplace in direct response to their interests and information requests.”

BlenderConnect gives current and future travelers and the broader consumer marketplace information on the status of the destination’s transportation, hotels, marinas, moorings, restaurants, and other businesses and services. It also gives the destination and its businesses a way to engage directly with travelers and other important audiences. They can communicate real-time information as to what’s open, what’s closed, and notifications as destination businesses and services recover and reopen.

“Additionally, since BlenderConnect is cloud-based it can be operated anywhere and can deliver information to consumers on any and all of their devices – computer, cell phone, tablet or other devices,” added Kedrick Malone, President of NorthStar Consulting. “The system also works offline, so if Internet systems have been damaged or are yet to be reinstated, critical information is still available to travelers. This is of crucial importance in regards to immigration information, which can be collected continuously and then uploaded to Government systems when they are back up and running.

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