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National Cancer Research Month: Early Detection is Vital for Survival

SRG Technology’s population health management system is successfully used in cancer research clinical trials to track patients who are due for cancer screenings.

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) designated May National Cancer Research Month to bring a focus to the continued need for increased cancer research; spotlight new breakthroughs; and recognize the contributions of researchers, physician-scientists, survivors and patient advocates across the United States.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, cancer screenings can lead to early detection, more effective treatment and fewer cancer deaths. And the best way to detect cancer early is by a vigilant screening of common cancers. Many tests are simple and only require bloodwork, but many of the other tests are more complicated and require more from the patients. These tests may require time off work, some can be unpleasant, cost money or require transportation. All of those things are obstacles to people taking advantage of these screenings, but in many cases the main obstacle is simple. People don’t think it is important or forgets.

SRG Technology (SRGT) is proud to be a part of creating a solution that has proven to increase patient cancer screening adherence. TopCare™, jointly developed with Massachusetts General Hospital’s Laboratory of Computer Science (MGH LCS), identifies and tracks patients who are due for cancer screenings, and facilitates their engagement and education through patient navigation to increase the chances that they schedule and complete their cancer screening.

“Early detection through screening is the best way to curb deaths from cancer. Our population health solution, TopCare, manages patients due for cancer screenings to increase adherence,” said Tanya Zucconi, SRGT’s VP of Professional Services. “Whether in a clinical trial or through daily population management, TopCare can improve care.  In one six-month period following implementation, Mass General improved breast cancer screening adherence to 90 percent. This can make a huge difference in people’s lives by reducing the need for late-stage interventions.”

**During a 6-month study, using TopCare, MGH and Brigham Women’s Hospital

In a peer-reviewed article published by JAMIA, “Patient Navigation for Comprehensive Cancer Screening in High-Risk Patients Using a Population-Based Health Information Technology System,” Dr. Sonja Percac-Lima, a researcher and physician at MGH, concluded that, “A patient navigation approach, as part of a population-based IT system, significantly increased screening rates for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer in patients at high risk for nonadherence with testing. Integrating patient navigation into population health management activities for low-income and racial/ethnic minority patients might improve equity of cancer care.”

During this Cancer Research Month, we are thankful for the research that gave us the ability to screen for the early detection of cancer; we are thankful for the saved lives and we are proud that TopCare is helping to make a difference.

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