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Download Strafe Script Cfg (Latest)




In order to use this script you will have to download and install the ActionScripts Control Panel. If you still can't find what you're looking for, post your question on the CS:S ActionScripts Forum! CS:S GameConfig.xml file The below xml file has all the required changes that have been made to the official gam_config.xml. 1. This config file is an update to the official gam_config.xml 2. This config file has been tested on over 130+ different maps 3. The config file has been tested on over 50 different compilations This script will automatically update the gam_config.xml in the cs-game directory. No more typing in the below code for every update! Additional Notes If you are playing and you experience some of the listed issues please report them in the forum! (Warning! This script uses ActionScripts so it does some very unsual things, if you feel that you have reached the end of the line then give this script a try! ) Why use this Script The following features have been implemented, which are not included in the gam_config.xml: 1. The gam_config.xml no longer has to be edited to remove/add hot keys 2. You can now change the keybindings in the gam_config.xml without editing the script 3. The Gam_Config.xml is no longer limited to 32 lines and 16 hotkeys 4. Many teams are now supported 5. Many new maps and gametypes are included Download and install the CS:S ActionScripts Control Panel You will need to have ActionScripts installed to use this script. If you don't know how to install ActionScripts then check out these instructions. Not to mention the fact that there is something wrong with the script. If you would check my script I would assume you would see the differences between my script and the current gam_config.xml file. For example I removed a line from the current gam_config.xml file and have some very important changes to the hotkeys as well as the order of the hotkeys which are applied. I then have a code snippet which will read through the gam




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Download Strafe Script Cfg (Latest)

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