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"Technology should make things easier, not more difficult.

It should drive improvement and make people’s lives better.”

Neil Sterling, Founder & CEO, SRG Technology

The underlying technology platform for all SRGT solutions

Blender solutions use data to personalize engagement, empower people, ignite action and fuel improvement

Key Platform Features

PersonalizedDashboard-300x250px -Blender

Individual User Dashboards

Report Blender.png

Reporting Framework

Role Based access.png

Role-based Security

rules engine.png

Rules Engine

content Blender.png

Content Library


User, Site & Organization Administration

Why Blender

Data Driven

Supports personalization, better decision making

and facilitates continuous improvement


Allows for individually relevant user experiences by delivering the right content to the right people at the right time


Supports a strategic, phased approach to implementation of applications — making it easier to address priority needs within budget confines while still building toward a comprehensive system and boarder vision


Configured to integrate data and content from legacy technology portfolios, add on technology and data sources


Easily adapted to changing size, people, process, priorities and needs

Flagship Solutions


An ecosystem of innovative 

applications designed to drive

student, teacher and school improvements by facilitating  

and promoting personalized

teaching and learning.


A personalized consumer engagement solution to connect consumer to individually relevant information, products and services — enhancing user experience, increasing engagement and improving business outcomes.

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The industry's richest collection of high-quality content, lesson plan resources, professional development, communities, and collaboration

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