BlenderHealthHow can medical communities provide better care to patients without sacrificing the bottom line? Population Health Management has become the catch-phrase for health care organizations looking to improve health outcomes while also reducing cost. Through the recent passage of the Affordable Care Act, there is a demand on health care organizations to overhaul their care systems. Luckily, TopCare powered by Blender™ and BlenderHealth™ are software solutions that are revolutionizing the way healthcare communities develop strategies, implement programs and recommend improvements based on data that make effective and preventative patient care top priority. The unique Blender™ attributes enable health care organizations — of any size and type and in any location — to benefit from personalizing BlenderHealth’s action-driven improvement system to make your data useful. Service providers, single hospitals, large health systems, third party payers and health care employers nationwide can use this system to improve their operations and sustain world-class results. So can you.

How Blender™ Relates

Blender™ connects your data with the most meaningful resources to drive improvements and performance through effective, individualized recommendations. TopCare powered by Blender™ is a state-of-the art system focused on the cost effectiveness of care through clinical decision support interventions.   TopCare powered by Blender™ provides the technology bridge from volume to value by driving improvements and promoting patient wellness. Initiatives benefiting from TopCare include:

BlenderHealth™ is the ideal solution for managing a successful health care organization. Secure, timely communication is critically important to patients and care teams. BlenderHealth™ supports colleague collaboration by administering “work spaces” for care teams to share best practices and lessons learned.  Through personalized dashboards, care teams can make meaningful patient-specific recommendations for quality-driven heath care. BlenderHealth™ also supports performance improvement initiatives, such as:

  • Magnet Status
  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • Institute for Healthcare Improvement initiatives
  • ACOs
  • Patient Centered Medical Homes

Improve Your Results

Whether your organization is involved in ambulatory service, health maintenance, health insurance, or another health care service, TopCare powered by Blender™ and BlenderHealth™ are valuable frameworks for measuring performance and planning in an uncertain environment. The BlenderHealth™ infrastructure helps health care organizations achieve and sustain the highest national levels of performance with

  • patient safety and patient loyalty
  • health care outcomes for oncology screening, diabetes management, and CHF, and other conditions
  • physician and staff satisfaction and engagement
  • revenue and market share
  • community services

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