BlenderLearnA better world for our children is our dream; making that dream a reality in the field of education is our business.  BlenderLearn has the solutions necessary to bridge the divide between student learning and school system expectations, providing an interactive learning platform made smart by analyzing teacher and student learning, and allowing accessibility to everyone interested in increased teacher and student performance, from school administrators to mindful parents.
Streamlining the process of collecting data, we tailor BlenderLearn to meet the needs of teachers and students, empowering schools with increased connectivity and communication, resulting in heightened performance.  BlenderLearn assists teachers in managing their classrooms, maintaining performance standards, self-evaluating, and staying current on professional development requirements. It assists students and parents in keeping on top of assignments, accessing current assessments, and increasing communication. BlenderLearn further allows school administrators to assess performances, to measure improvements, and develop methods for targeting areas of improvement.
BlenderLearn brings everyone together, collaborating openly and working toward the same goal: Increased student and teacher performance for a better world.

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